Local Councillor backs Dundee Fan Park

Dundee Fan Park is delighted to have the support of local Councillor, and Culture, Sport & History Spokesperson for Dundee City Council, Lynne Short.

Football fan Councillor Short has been behind the Fan Park since it was first unveiled to the public and her support has continued to grow with enthusiasm.

Speaking of the Fan Park, Councillor Short commented; “I’m delighted to see this event coming to Dundee this summer. Dundee is a football city and to again be the team playing the hosts on the opening game is Paris of 98 all over again. My bairn wasn’t born then and for him, and all those who have yet to have this experience the Zone will be excellent. Scotland fans are like no other  and to have our city show what the team means to us will be the best. Well done to 22a Events, the team behind this event and like the Scotland team we are right behind them!”

Dundee Fan Park organisers 22a Event’s Director, Angus Robb added; “It takes a team to put on events of this scale in the city and it requires the support of people at all levels including within the local council. From day one Lynne has backed our ambitions, and provided support along the way. Her support has been fantastic and we look forward to watching the big games with her at Riverside Park.”